Car Transportation Services in Visakhapatnam

Car Transportation Services in Visakhapatnam

Transporting a car is a really laborious task to execute. Well, car transportation services make this task easy, fast and reliable. They help to shift a car without damaging it at a very affordable price.
Advantages of car transportation services by packers and movers Visakhapatnam:


During relocating home to a different city, it’s dangerous yet hectic to drive to the longer distances. By sending your car with a professional car transportation services team, you’ll save it from wear and tear, accidents, etc.

Time management:

Driving a car might take time because of traffic, night time, rest stops, etc. So to save time, hand over your car to a car transportation team and they will transport your car from one city to another in no time.


Driving a car by yourself might be expensive because the car needs fuel, lodging, etc. And charges get add up quickly if any accident or car failure occurs. To avoid such unusual expenses allow the car transportation services team to transport your vehicle at affordable prices.

Transit Insurance:

Packers and movers Visakhapatnam offer transit insurance for car transportation services This insurance covers all the damages caused to the vehicle being transported during any accident, which occurs in rare cases.

Easy communication with the team:

The service provides easy and 24/7 communication lines with their team.


The car emits a lot of smoke which causes a lot of pollution. When you hire a car transportation service team, fuel consumption and carbon emission get lessen because of a car carrier transport many cars in a single journey.

It’s a stress-free service:

With the help of car transportation services, you can safely transport your car from one location to another without getting stressed.

Door to door transportation:

The car transport services team will pick up your car or any other vehicle from your door and will transport them to the exact desired location.

How much does a car transportation services company charge to transport one’s car from one city to another in Visakhapatnam?
The charges might depend upon the model of the car, distance traveled and many such conditions. Generally, the price ranges from Rs.6000 to Rs.18000. Usually, the transportation team takes 2-5 days to deliver the car to the desired location. But if you want fast delivery, extra charges may be applied.
Listed below are a few points one should keep in mind while hiring a car transportation services by packers and movers Visakhapatnam:

Verify all the documents provided by car transportation companies.

Check the reviews and ratings of the company online of the past customers and collect the right information about their services.

Always hire the team who offers all the necessary facilities at affordable prices and don’t forget to ask them about any hidden charges

Make sure that the team you’re hiring to transport your vehicle has a proper address and contact details.

Never pay the full amount in advance, always ask them for part payment.

Ensure whether they’re providing transit insurance or not, because safety is really important.

It is very important to know all the terms and conditions of the company before finalizing them.

Ensure whether they’re providing proper facilities or not.